The Ukrainian year

Ukrainian journalist and travel reporter Dmytro Komarov made a documentary about a year of bravery and resistance, fight and determination, belief and love that made Ukraine invincible.

The Ukrainian president, his staff, generals and commanders, ministers and soldiers, police and territorial defence, volunteers and ordinary citizens, everyone knows Ukraine will win. We see it as a heroism. For Ukrainians it is an oxygen of freedom.

The war has changed Ukraine. Journalists, including Dmytro, now are war reporters, IT specialists are drone navigators, doctors are paramedics, while students, artists and business professionals are soldiers, aid workers or volunteers for territorial defence.

Everyone has changed, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, especially the kids, who somehow have the strengths to speak about the war atrocities so naturally, as if they would speak about their ordinary lives or their loved ones. The grownups can’t hide tears when they listen to their stories.

The whole country is different, united more than ever in their spirit to defend the homeland and have a victory, which is the Ukrainian way of life.

Documentary is available with English subtitles:

Part 1:
Part 2:

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