European perspective for democratic Belarus

The leading forces of democratic Belarus have recently made a call upon the EU leaders to give the European perspective for democratic Belarus:

Democracy in Belarus needs European perspective, as Europe needs democracy in Belarus. This is an important call from the democratic forces, in particular, when the future of Europe is being decided on the battlefield of Ukraine.

There is only one perspective for democratic Belarus in this war, which is about siding with Ukraine and embarking together on the path of victory and European reforms. For democratic Belarus there is only one choice, which is about fulfilling the European dream of freedom and democracy.

Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine will end with a victory of Ukraine and of European democratic community, all humanity over the tyranny of the Kremlin regime. It will be also a victory for Belarusian brave soldiers and their units fighting in the armed forces of Ukraine.

At this particular moment of democratic uprising Europe is also creating a new future for the EU East neighbourhood region of rising aspirations and for the new Eastern partnership of prospering democracies.

And at this stage the European leaders may be ready to embrace this vision already in the forthcoming meeting of the European Council by supporting the request of the democratic forces from Belarus.

This could prove the readiness of the EU to stand by the democratic changes in the region against the Russian aggression. This would also give more of a geopolitical power and more leverage for the EU to make these changes possible.

This would also be a much awaited European response to the people of Belarus that their call for a victory over the tyranny and their call for the European cause is shared by the EU, its institutions and by the peoples of the European nations.


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