Russia lost the war, now it can find its soul

The Russian wreckage in the streets of Bucha, a small Ukrainian town in the outskirts of Kyiv, perhaps could be the best illustration of agony and the last moments of the chimera of putinizm.

Putin, by starting the war against Ukraine, has opened the old wounds of Russia. This war has revealed Russia’s pain, anger and depression after the long period of Putin was feeding the people with an abundant dose of false illusions.

The putinizm in Russia has been long swallowing the Russian conscience. It was destroying the people’s lives, their dreams and their future. It had plunged the whole nation into a bad dream of madness, desperation and chaos.

However, this bad dream, this illusion could not have been holding for long against the daily explosions of bombs over the cities of Ukraine, against the bodies of Russian soldiers waiting to be returned to their families or to the absurdity of lies being spread out by Putin’s propaganda.

The evaporation of false illusions has led to a massive accumulation of depression in Russia, which is by the way a natural response to the harsh reality. This war has awakened the instincts of nation’s survival, which demand Russians to accept the hard terms of their existence.

Will the Russian people be ready to make peace? Not only with Ukraine, but also for themselves, as peace with Ukraine will sustain only if Russians will make their own peace too.

Consequently, this war will define Russia’s fate. Ending the war against Ukraine will give a chance for Russia to find its soul.

Ending the war will be a chance for Russia to stay in the map of Europe. It will be not an opportunity, but a necessity, a matter of survival for Russia if it wants to return to Europe as a nation.

Russia has a historic chance to finally accept its natural terms of liberal thought, conservatism and long-lasting traditions, which have been coexisting together in times of peace and put one against each other in times of war.

This can be possible, as history of Russia was defined not only by the ones who have won it, but also by a continuous struggle of its people to defend their rights, their freedoms and democracy.

Ending this war will give a chance to the Russian people to take their country back from the Kremlin’s occupation. This will be a chance for the Russians to choose their own path and fulfil the destiny of a free Russia, which is able to repent and to ask for forgiveness. This is the only path, a small window for the Russian people to find the linings of greatness in their nation.

Ending this war will be the way for Russia to rise from the decades in darkness. This will be the way for Russians to feel again the guilt, to dream and to have a future for their own country.

Ending this war for Russia is about making an effort by every Russian individually and by the whole Russia as a nation to admit their crimes and to hold the Kremlin regime and Putin responsible. Ending this war with dignity will bring the new hope to the people of Russia.

As for this moment, the word leaders say glory to Ukraine for its spirit and heroic fight in defending democracy and the free nation of Ukrainian people. Today Europe cherishes the newcomer to the European Union and is grateful to Ukraine for the lesson how to fight for peace in our continent.

Europe is Ukraine. Slava Ukraini!

Photo: Teenage girl reading constitution in front of Putin’s riot police becomes symbol of Russian resistance

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