The Future of EU Relations With Free Belarus Begins Now (Paper)

Belarus for more than two decades has been caged by the regime of Lukashenko. The occupation of Belarus began on 24 November 1996 with a coup d’état orchestrated by the regime, which faked the results of the so-called six-question referendum and dissolved immediately the democratically elected Belarusian parliament. On that day, a new iron curtain was built in Europe, which has imprisoned the people of Belarus in the regime of repressions and unresolved deaths of political opponents.

On 9 August 2020, the people of Belarus challenged the Lukashenko regime and marked a new era of re-emerged Belarus. The people demonstrated a strong will to restore democracy and declared openly that their place is with democratically elected European governments.

On 15 December 2021, for first time in four years, the Eastern Partnership Summit convened to discuss the next policy steps for our Eastern Partners in EU’s Eastern neighbourhood. The Summit has adopted a Joint Declaration by which the EU made it clear that the cooperation with Belarus will depend on the accomplishment of a peaceful democratic transition in the country and noted that the comprehensive plan of economic support for a democratic Belarus reflects its commitment to support the democratic choice of the Belarusian people (updated text: joint declaration).

The democratic forces of Belarus have announced on many occasions that the place of Belarus remains in the Eastern Partnership and demanded the EU not to recognise the illegitimate decisions taken by the regime.

On this occasion, I enclose my paper with proposals for the EU on the way forward to democratic transformation of Belarus. In the paper I explain in more detail how the EU should work out its vision for the future relations with Belarus and start the implementation of a proposed multi-billion modernisation plan. In addition to that, the paper suggests the elements for the investment plan, such as comprehensive state building programmes and investment package for the modernisation of new Belarus.

Download the paper

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