Don’t forget you are Charlie

On 13 January Lithuania remembers fourteen victims smitten dead by the soviet tanks and bullets at the Vilnius Tower. They died for us to be free. This sacrifice remains as relevant today for it is constantly under attack by information propaganda built on the ruins of the soviet occupant. Today twenty-four years have passed and the memory of the fallen at the Tower is as alive as it was felt during the tragic events of Lithuanian black January.

On 11 January 2015 millions of Europeans gathered in the streets to declare their solidarity with the victims shot dead by the terrorists in Paris. They were shot for we were worth our freedoms. For we understand there can be no silence against any aggression or incitement of hatred, even if not all newspapers in Europe were thorough enough on the satirical essence of cartoons from the Charlie Hebdo magazine. This understanding will not vain, it will get stronger on 14 January when 3 million copies of new edition of magazine will go on sale.

Both examples are fearless and ultimate sacrifices that will be not forgotten. Our defence is that we will know whom we owe our freedoms. Our defence is our understanding of what we stand for. It is united Europe for the human rights and fundamental freedoms, the Europe that unites against threat of terror, radicalism or blackmailing. We remember the Tower and we remember the Charlie.


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