Sons and daughters at the Tower

A note to remember fourteen victims. The ones who stood against soviet tanks and lost their lives in defending our freedom on the night of 13 January 1991 at the TV Tower in Vilnius, Lithuania

She was knitting a dream
while stopped by tracks

A kid from garage
with self-made PC
was seeking a struggle

He was constructing houses
to families in his country

Electromechanics engineer
who threw a javelin

Basketball player
with free radio in hands

A donor
who gave his blood

A self-established trader.
His garden was run over

An ordinary worker
was feeding our souls

Civil engineer of ideas
about freedom

Was driving
until his heart stopped

Engineer and fitter.
Labora was his call

Archer at the gates
was serving his country

Was shot when
planting a tree

Second and the last son
was taken by the same people

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